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The coast local to Dymchurch offers many great opportunities for beach anglers. The beaches from Folkestone through to Dungeness are wide ranging and many different species are available to be caught. There is always a venue to be fished regardless of weather and tides and anglers travel from distances afar to fish our part of the coastline.

Many head to the famous Dungeness Point, especially during the autumn and winter months to target the cod. The Point has been producing good numbers of codling this winter along with the odd double figure fish. The deep water in this area throws up many different species such as whiting, dabs, pouting, dogfish, dover soles and bass to name a few. Bass can be caught here all year round with school bass providing good sport along with the opportunity to latch into the better specimens, some over the magical 10lb mark.

Depending on wind direction and the species being targeted anglers can opt to fish from either side of the point and comfortable fishing can usually be guaranteed whatever the weather. Heading east from the Point is the shallower water within the bay itself, with anglers usually opting to fish between the Water Tower at Littlestone through to Pirate Springs at St Marys Bay. Fishing here is onto sand between the groynes and you can expect to catch whiting, dabs, dogfish and codling during the colder months and bass, flounders, silver eels and dover sole during the spring and summer. This mark is better fished on the bigger spring tides, 2 hours before to 2 hours after high water.

Similar fishing is found along the coast heading east through to Hythe where the water gets deeper as you approach Seebrook. Notable marks include the Hythe Ranges, Fishermans Beach at Hythe and Princess Parade. From Sandgate through to Rotunda Beach at Folkestone the cleaner ground gives way to rocky areas which hold good numbers of bass from May through to August.







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